The Forsyth County District Attorney’s Office will not prosecute the driver of a dump-bed truck after a man was pinned underneath the truck and killed Jan. 27. Authorities say the death was accidental.

Police say Daniel Ray Boles, 54, was working to fill a ditch in the 1400 block of Pleasant Fork Road while a truck carrying dirt backed up to the edge of the ditch in order for the driver to dump his load.

Boles was behind the truck, and the ground under the back wheels began to give way, causing the truck to slide into the ditch and pin him under the truck, killing him.

Excessive rain and washout caused the ground to become unstable, leading to the accident, police said.

While no criminal charges are pending, the N.C. Occupational Safety and Health Division is investigating the incident.

OSHA, which is part of the N.C. Department of Labor, is investigating Gwyn Electrical Plumbing Heating and Cooling Inc. of Winston-Salem, where the men worked, said Natalie Bouchard, a spokeswoman for the state Labor Department, in January.

An OSHA investigator will visit the site of the incident and collect evidence, including photographs, as well as interview employees, witnesses and management officials about the incident to determine its cause.

OSHA investigations of workplace deaths typically take up to three to four months to complete, Bouchard said.


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