Local Republicans criticized Tuesday’s House impeachment report regarding President Donald Trump’s alleged attempt to pressure Ukraine to serve his own political interests in the 2020 presidential election. A local Democrat argued, however, that the House Intelligence Committee fulfilled its constitutional mandate in issuing the report.

The 300-page report says Trump placed his personal and political interests above the country’s national interests and sought to undermine U.S. democracy and endanger national security.

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-5th, said in a statement she hadn’t completed her review of the report.

“It is no surprise that the Democratic-led House Intelligence Committee continues to attempt to smear the President and overturn the will of the electorate,” Foxx said. “The ‘conclusions’ of this report were written at the beginning of this process and a written report does not change the fact that this has been an unprecedented, unfair process from the beginning.

“I encourage everyone to review the Republican report as well which clearly demonstrates the evidence presented throughout this process does nothing to prove these allegations,” Foxx said. “Once again, I urge that instead of investing further time and attention on this unwarranted impeachment process, Democrats should work with Republicans, including President Trump, to address the real issues facing American families.”

House Republicans released an 123-page report Monday on the impeachment inquiry that defends the president.

Larry Johnson, the chairman of the Forsyth County Democratic Party, said House impeachment report satisfies the public’s demand for more information about the allegations against Trump.

“Finally, the American public has a 300-page report without media spin that details the actions and involvement by the president, senior members of his administration and private citizens,” Johnson said. “The public can read and make individual assessments on the Ukraine issue, potential obstruction and whether laws were broken.”

The report demonstrates that Congress is doing its job and responsibilities under the Constitution, Johnson said.

Jill Osborn, the executive director of the Forsyth County Republican Party, noted that the House and Senate both play a role in impeaching a president and removing the person from office.

All along, the Democrat-dominated House has known that the Republican-dominated Senate will not remove the president from office, Osborn said.

“That’s why this is a show,” Osborn said. “Why not let us — the people — vote for who we want as president in this next election?”

In a tweet Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, R-6th, thanked Trump for his leadership at the NATO conference in London.

“Instead of trying to satisfy their impeachment obsession, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats should be working to pass the (U.S.-Mexico-Canada) trade agreement and support U.S. leadership abroad,” Walker said.

John Dinan, a political science professor at Wake Forest University, said the report shows the partisan divides remains between Democrats and Republicans on the impeachment issue.

“At each stage of the impeachment proceedings, a key question will be what effect do various developments have on House Democratic and Republican members and whether there is any movement on the part of any members of either party to change their existing positions,” Dinan said in an email.

When the House voted on the impeachment inquiry, no Republicans supported it and two Democrats opposed it, Dinan said.

“And since that initial vote was taken, there has not been any signs of any Republican House members signaling any more support for impeachment and no definitive statements on the party of any more Democrats opposing impeachment, although there have been a few additional Democratic House members in recent weeks who have sent mixed signals and possible opposition to impeachment,” Dinan said.

“For the most part, though the views of House members on impeachment have aligned pretty solidly into Republican anti-impeachment and Democratic pro-impeachment camps, and in a way that has not showed any meaningful sign of movement on the part of either party’s members,” Dinan said.

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