The total number of COVID-19 cases reported in Forsyth County is poised to exceed 3,000, and one additional death was recorded over the weekend.

The Forsyth health department reported that, as of 12:35 p.m. Monday, there were 2,978 cases in the county, up 190 cases from Friday — the last day numbers were released.

That represents 83 new cases and one death reported Saturday, 64 new cases Sunday and 43 new cases Monday.

Forsyth's highest daily case increase was 162, reported on June 1.

Forsyth reports 1,850 individuals who have recovered for an active case count of 1,094.

Seven cases in Forsyth are linked to staff members at the county jail, up from five when the outbreak was reported initially.

County health officials did not disclose information about the latest COVID-19 death, which makes for 34 in Forsyth since mid-March.

Among the Forsyth COVID-19 patients who have died, 19 were 65 or older.

Ten were 55 to 64.

Three were 45 to 54.

Two were 25 to 34.

The Forsyth breakdown of deaths by race is: 15 whites; nine Blacks; seven Hispanics; two whose race is unknown; and one Asian.

The health department plans to hold its next testing event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday at Union Baptist Church, 1200 N. Trade St. NW, in downtown Winston-Salem.

There have been at least 11,039 total cases in the 14-county Triad and Northwest North Carolina region with 245 reported deaths.

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services reported that, as of noon Monday, there have been 63,484 confirmed cases, 1,325 deaths and 843 hospitalizations statewide.

As of noon Friday, there were 58,818 cases, 1,303 deaths and 892 hospitalized in North Carolina.

With 45,538 patients considered recovered as of noon Monday, the number of active case statewide is 17,946.

The high in daily hospitalizations was 915 on June 23. Hospitalizations have been above 800 for 14 consecutive days in North Carolina.

Public health officials now list Forsyth among eight counties in the state running the greatest risk of rapid spread of the virus. State health officials said Monday that additional personal protective equipment is being shipped to those counties.

According to the Forsyth weekly surveillance report, released today, 11.4%, or 2,918, of the 25,679 individuals tested for the virus were determined to be positive.

By comparison, the state's positive testing rate has hovered between 9% and 10% since at least mid-May, including being at 9% as of Monday.

Dr. Mandy Cohen, the state's health secretary, has said she would feel more comfortable with a 5% positive rate.

Hispanic residents represent 62.9%, or 1,835, of the positive tests in Forsyth.

Black residents account for 11.3%, or 329 positive tests.

White residents make up 11.3%, or 324 positive tests.

On Wednesday, Gov. Roy Cooper extended the Phase 2 reopening limitations to July, citing the recent statewide increases in overall cases, deaths and hospitalizations.

Cooper also issued a statewide face mask mandate while in public hat began Friday.

The Cooper administration is monitoring five public-health data points: number of hospitalizations; number of hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators available; number of positive cases; percentage of positive cases; and number of individuals coming to hospital emergency rooms with COVID-19 symptoms.

Cohen said it remains too soon to have definitive data on whether there have been outbreaks at mass gatherings, whether at recent Black Lives Matter protests or the thousands of fans who attend three separate racing events at Ace Speedway in Altamahaw.

Cohen has said the data is showing increasing community spread of the virus by individuals "when they feel completely fine and they don't know they have it" and by workers in more high-risk jobs, such as meat-processing facilities and long-term care facilities.



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