House Bill 368, a local bill sponsored by Rep. Julia Howard, R-Davie, cleared its final legislative step in the Senate on Monday.

The bill would allow Davie County sheriff’s deputies to write speeding tickets inside the gated Bermuda Run community.

The bill cleared the House by voice vote on April 16.

The local bill cannot be vetoed by the governor. It goes into effect Dec. 1 on public vehicular areas.

The Davie County Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction in the community.

Howard said current law doesn’t allow law-enforcement officers to write speeding tickets. They can arrest people who break other laws in the community. The writing of speeding tickets is allowed if the community has posted speed-limit signs, which it does.

“This was just a quirk in the law that they could do everything except issue a speeding ticket,” Howard said.

The Bermuda Run Town Council endorsed the bill, Town Manager Lee Rollins said.

He said the council requested additional law-enforcement coverage and contracted with the sheriff’s department for one additional deputy, who patrols in the town limits.

“It was felt from law enforcement that the current general statutes did not provide specificity on speeding enforcement on public vehicular areas,” Rollins said. “The proposed legislation provides specificity to enforce the posted speed limit of 25 mph.

“Rep. Howard wanted to clarify that the town is paying for enhanced coverage within the town limits, over and above what the sheriff’s department would patrol as it does for county residents.

“This proposed bill provides clarity for law enforcement in that a citation for speeding on a public vehicular street could be issued,” Rollins said.

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