A Winston-Salem man pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges that he consumed alcohol while underage, got into a car, drove 25 miles over the speed limit and crashed into a motorcycle, sending the driver more than 240 feet from the initial impact and killing her.

Daniel James Jolin, 21, of Green Point Road entered guilty pleas in Forsyth Superior Court to involuntary manslaughter and driving after consuming alcohol being less than 21.

Judge Brad Long of Forsyth Superior Court sentenced Jolin to a minimum of 13 months to a maximum of 25 months in prison.

Jolin is accused of causing a three-vehicle crash that killed Ashley Marie Agee, 30, of Worchester Street. The crash happened at 11:17 p.m. on July 9, 2017, near the intersection of Kernersville Road and Sedge Garden Road in Winston-Salem.

Jolin was driving north on Kernersville Road in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Cpl. J.R. Mitchell of the Winston-Salem Police Department testified that Jolin was driving 70 mph as he approached the intersection. The speed limit is 45 mph.

Mitchell said Jolin crashed into the back of Agee’s 2003 Suzuki motorcycle. Agee was catapulted 247 feet northwest from the initial impact. She died from blunt force injuries to her head and neck. She was killed instantly.

Jolin then hit another car. The driver of that car was not injured. Neither was Jolin. At the scene, Jolin was trying to calm down his girlfriend, who was a passenger in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. He told her to stop crying about the Jeep, Mitchell testified.

“I’m okay. You’re okay...That’s what matters,” Jolin said, according to Mitchell. Jolin is now married with a baby born about two weeks ago, his attorney said in court.

Mitchell said he found no evidence that Jolin used his brakes.

Mitchell said Jolin told him that he didn’t know what happened at first but felt some bumps and then the air bag deployed. Mitchell said he smelled a faint odor of alcohol on Jolin and subjected Jolin to field sobriety tests. He said he determined that Jolin had been drinking alcohol. He said he later obtained a search warrant to get Jolin’s blood drawn.

Jolin’s blood alcohol level was 0.02 percent, below the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Jolin was not charged with DWI. Jolin also had benzolecogonine, a non-psychoactive metabolite of cocaine, in his system.

Assistant District Attorney Stuart Brooks asked Long to fashion a sentence that lets the community know the dangerous consequences of drinking and driving and speeding.

David Freedman, Jolin’s attorney, said Jolin didn’t see the motorcycle and makes no excuses for his actions.

Jolin apologized to Agee’s family.

Barbara Gosnell, Agee’s mother, told Long that this has been hard because Agee was her first child and she remembers the 15 hours of labor it took to bring her into the world. She said she misses her daughter’s crazy text messages and the times Agee told Gosnell that she loved her. She said she hates that Agee’s two daughters now must live without their mother.

“I feel so lost and empty with her gone,” she said. “I was not supposed to bury my daughter. She was supposed to bury me.”

After the hearing, Gosnell was inconsolable, repeating the sentence over and over as she walked out of the courtroom with the rest of Agee’s family.

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