Three Forsyth County men were indicted on charges they beat a man to death over two days and then discarded his body in a dumpster at an apartment complex five miles away.

A grand jury handed down indictments Monday against Edward Maurice Nelson, 32, of West 12th Street; Rayshaun Tyrez Hall, 28, of Old Rural Hall Road; and Quincey Valentine, 29, of Weatherwood Court. All three men are charged with first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and felony conspiracy. Hall and Valentine are charged with concealment of a death.

The three men are facing charges in the death of Curtis Jermaine Farrow, 40, of Rural Hall. Farrow’s body was found Jan. 20, 2018, in a dumpster at 2920 Ivy Ave. Winston-Salem police have said they believe Farrow was killed somewhere else and then placed in the dumpster outside Ivy Apartments. Farrow died from blunt force trauma.

Arrest warrants said Farrow was killed Jan. 19, 2018.

According to search warrants, Winston-Salem police investigators found Farrow’s body wrapped in a sheet with his feet sticking out. A sock was on one of his feet.

One witness contacted Farrow’s sister and told her that Farrow’s clothes and teeth were in a garbage bag at a house on Bertha Street. The witness also said there was blood in the house. The witness later told police that Nelson and several other people beat up Farrow because Farrow had led them to believe he could take them to a house to buy “Molly,” or ecstasy. Farrow brought them to a vacant house, according to search warrants.

The woman, Jennifer Lynn Henderson, told police when Nelson and the other people came back to the Bertha Street house from the vacant house, Nelson told Henderson to go into a bedroom, shut the door and not come out. Henderson told police, according to search warrants, that she heard arguing and then Nelson told Farrow to pick someone to fight one-on-one. Nelson told Farrow that if he didn’t pick someone, everyone would beat him up, search warrants allege Henderson told police.

Henderson said she heard people running and yelling and then she heard someone hit the wall. She also could hear someone getting punched and slapped, according to the search warrants.

“Please don’t kill me Reese, please don’t kill me,” Farrow yelled, according to Henderson’s account in the search warrants.

Farrow ran out of the house but was brought back in. Henderson said she heard one final smack and then heard other people in the room say that Farrow was out. Henderson told police that Farrow was taken into another room to “sleep it off,” the search warrants said.

At 5 a.m., on Jan. 20, Valentine and Hall came to the house and told Henderson and another man named Kenneth Mayo, to go to a bedroom and make crack cocaine. Henderson told police she heard someone get smacked. After that, someone used a profanity in telling a person, presumably Farrow, to get up, search warrants said.

She later heard tires spinning in the gravel driveway, and when she walked out of the bedroom, Valentine, Hall and Farrow were gone. A half-hour later, Valentine and Hall came back without Farrow.

All three men are being held without bond on the first-degree murder charge.

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