Two 15-year-old boys were shot during a disturbance outside a Winston-Salem apartment complex Thursday afternoon, according to the Winston-Salem Police Department.

A neighbor, who said he is best friends with the boys, said the two are related to each other and that one was shot in the chest and the other was shot in his upper thigh.

Police confirmed that one of the youths was in critical but stable condition and the other was in stable condition after the shooting at Greenway Village Apartments on Gilmer Avenue. Both were taken to an area hospital.

“All of the sudden, I heard pop-pop-pop-pop-pop,” said Herbert Frey, who lives in the apartment complex. “It was about 12 shots and then I see one boy limping around the corner, gunshot wound in his leg with blood. The other boy got shot in the chest and stomach.”

Several juveniles were gathered in the street when a disturbance occurred and shots were fired around 4:45 p.m., police said.

A large portion of Gilmer Avenue was blocked off as police marked shell casings in the street and investigated one of the homes, walking in and out of the residence.

“There were two juvenile victims. We’re still investigating,” said Lt. Amy Gauldin. “We don’t know what precipitated the actual shooting.”

Gauldin said police were unsure of how many shots were fired. No suspect has been identified yet.

Gauldin didn’t immediately know if the victims were related, she said.

Frey said this is an all-too-common occurrence in the neighborhood off 30th Street.

“Gunshots happen a lot around here. Nine times out of 10, it’s kids trying to act like they’re gangsters but you never know,” said Frey, who lives on a parallel street to the shooting. “In January, a bullet went straight through my house — through the wall, a closet, another wall, a shower curtain and hit the window frame. I still have the bullet.”

On Thursday evening, large groups of neighbors gathered around the home and on their front porches to gawk at the scene as police continued to increase the size of the cordoned-off area with additional yellow tape.

A mother yanked her son inside their home as he continued to approach the crime scene, veering through flashing police cars on his scooter.

Within the police tape was a dark blue Chevy Impala with a bullet hole through the windshield. The car owner said the car was not involved in this incident, but that he had been shot at previously.

Forensics and gang units combed the scene into the evening hours.

“This is a regular thing. I can’t have my grandchildren over here anymore,” Frey said. “It’s not safe.”

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