Q: What is the channel number for the ACC Network on Spectrum? We can’t find it and it starts on Thursday.


Answer: The ACC Network will be on channel 388 on Spectrum Cable in this area, said Scott Pryzwansky, a spokesman for the cable company.

We have not yet heard from DirecTV about what channel number it will be on there. The channel will also be available on Hulu, YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue.

More information on the channel can be found at getaccn.com.

Q: My elderly relative who uses a walker and has various medical issues, including cognitive decline and vision problems, recently passed his driver’s license test in Raleigh. He didn’t even have his glasses with him when he went for his license. Should this relative have been issued a license?


Answer: “Under the circumstances your reader mentioned, it appears the person should not have been issued a renewal,” said John Brockwell, communications officer for the Division of Motor Vehicles. “Anyone, especially family members, can submit a form recommending someone for the DMV Medical Review program. The program determines whether an individual should be granted an issuance.”

Depending on the severity of the medical condition, or if the condition worsens, the Medical Review Unit may need to review a case periodically, in which case the driver must update their medical documentation each time the case is reviewed, which can vary from three months to three years depending on the medical condition.

“A staff of licensed medical professionals conducts thorough reviews of medical records and statements in conjunction with driving records and decides what, if any, restrictions should be placed on a driver license,” according to the DMV.

Details about the program, including reasons for medical evaluations, ways to make requests, waiver and appeal options, and frequently asked questions can be found at www.ncdot.gov/dmv/license-id/license-suspension/medical-review-program/Pages/default.aspx

To investigate a case, the DMV would need the person’s name and address, along with the office they visited and on what date. They would then be able to question the examiner about the circumstances surrounding the issuance, Brockwell said.

Anonymous requests are not accepted. “This recommendation must be made in the interest of public safety,” according to the DMV. “Advanced age alone CANNOT be the sole reason for a medical evaluation.”

Q: Does Bowman Gray have plans to have a ladies’ night next year?


Answer: Plans of special days for next year at the races won’t be set until the new year.

“We will be announcing our 2020 schedule in a January time frame,” said Loren Pinilis, head of public relations for Bowman Gray Stadium.

Bowman Gray occasionally offers “Two Dollar Ladies’ Night” events with discounted tickets.

Q: Does Jeff Bezos own the Winston-Salem Journal?


Answer: No. The Journal is part of Berkshire Hathaway. The chairman and CEO is Warren Buffett.Email: AskSAM@wsjournal.com

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