Q: In spring of 2018, a large pine tree was cut down in the right of way of my house, and I was told they would return the next spring to remove the stump. During the intervening summer, Piedmont Natural Gas installed a high-pressure gas line about three or four feet from the stump. It is now almost fall of 2019 and the stump is still there. As I did not cut the tree down, I do not feel it is my responsibility to have it removed, and I cannot safely burn the stump out because it is so close to the gas line. What do I need to do?


Answer: Your best bet is to wait, since it is planned for removal in the next year. The stump will be removed as part of the Peacehaven Road interchange project, which is currently scheduled for completion in July 2020, said Pat Ivey with the N.C. Department of Transportation. “The stump will be removed by the contractor before the project is accepted by N.C. DOT,” he said.

Q: My mother had a big hole in her yard at the city drainage ditch for several years, and reported it to the city. She died in 2018, and my daughter now lives in the house and has reported this through City Link numerous times. What needs to happen to get this fixed?


Answer: What you are referring to is not a sinkhole, but an inlet where a pipe goes across under the road, said Stephen Powell, a civil engineer with the stormwater/erosion control staff of the city of Winston-Salem. There is concrete at the inlet of the pipe, which indicates that someone in the past tried to fill in the hole, which should not have been done.

Tim Cook, the drainage supervisor with the city, said that they have a work order on the problem and plan to start work on it as soon as their work load allows, but could not give a time frame of exactly when that will be.

Q: Are any local groups participating in “Clear the Shelters” day?


Answer: The event, a pet adoption drive Saturday, is a collaboration between the NBC network and hundreds of pet shelters around the country.

The Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation of Winston-Salem was among the groups listed on the event’s website, but they are not participating directly in the event, said Rebecca Kennedy, AARF’s director.

AARF is, however, holding adoption events at its main location, 311 Harvey St., from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, and also at several stores in the area. Dogs will be at the main facility, and cats will be there and also at PetSupermarket and Petsense in Clemmons and at Petsmart on Hanes Mall Boulevard, all also from noon to 3 p.m. On Sunday, they will have a cat adoption fair at Aveda in Hanes Mall from 2 to 5 p.m.

These are not immediate adoptions, but let people meet the pets and put in applications, and then AARF does follow-ups to make sure they will provide a good home for the pet.

“We will use our normal application process and our adoption fees will be as usual,” Kennedy said.

Since 2015, Clear The Shelters has helped find “furever” homes for more than 256,000 pets.

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