Q: Can you find out why the Forsyth County Public Library has no print copies of Donald Trump Jr.’s best-selling book “Triggered” (and only a single copy on CD), and yet had over a dozen copies of Hillary Clinton’s latest book?


Answer: The book should be on the shelf soon, library officials said.

“Because we have to purchase multiple copies, Forsyth County Public Library gets many of its best-sellers through a book-leasing company,” said Lara Luck, the collection development supervisor for the Forsyth County Public Library. “This company only offers titles for lease by well-established authors that they think will resell or still have demand in several years.”

Some books are not offered until after they have become best-sellers, and “Triggered” was one of those titles, Luck said. It was put on the company’s leased books list the week of Nov. 11, following its publication date of Nov. 5, and at least six copies have been ordered by the library.

The same thing happened with “The Book of Gutsy Women” by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, which was published on Oct. 1. The library ordered copies in early November, and the first copies of that title were not added to the system until Nov. 18, according to Luck. At last word, they had 10 regular print copies.

The audiobook of “Triggered” is already in the library system because it was purchased, not leased. The print version may be in sometime in the next week, Luck said, but an exact date is not yet certain.

Q: What has happened to the Division of Motor Vehicles office in Rural Hall? It was very convenient to me as I live only two miles from it. Could you find out if it will be reopened?


Answer: SAM has heard from several readers who are upset about the closure of that office.

“The License Plate Agency in Rural Hall will reopen at some point in 2020,” said John Brockwell, a DMV spokesman. He was not able to give a more definitive date, but said the DMV should know more in the coming weeks.

As the Journal reported back in August, the Rural Hall License Plate Agency was closed for “alleged contract violations and possible violations of state law.

“The agency, which is at 1014 Bethania-Rural Hall Road, was closed following an investigation by the DMV’s License and Theft Bureau, the DMV said. Investigators determined that the alleged activities warranted the office’s closing and the cancellation of its contract.”

Q: Does the Journal website have a place where a reader can suggest a story for coverage? If not, why not?


Answer: Questions and feedback can be sent to the Journal using the Contact Us form on Journalnow.com, under the main menu in the Customer Service section. You can find it directly at www.journalnow.com/site/forms/online_services/contact_us/

In print, it’s on A2 under “How to Contact Us,” with email addresses for local news, editorials, features, sports and more.

Christmas Restaurants

This Saturday, SAM is planning to run a list of restaurants that will be open on Christmas Day. Managers or owners can let us know that they will be open at asksam@wsjournal.com by Thursday to be included in the list. Include your address, hours, and if reservations are required.

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