Q: Going down Old Salisbury Road near the Moose Lodge, Duke Energy has sprayed chemical on the right-of way and killed all the brush. It looks awful. Is this chemical safe for humans and wildlife? Why do they use chemicals instead of mowing away the brush with tractors?


Answer: Herbicides are used because trimming away brush wouldn’t get rid of it as thoroughly, according to Jimmy Flythe, a spokesman for Duke Energy in the Carolinas. “To maintain reliable service and minimize outages, it is important that we maintain trees and other vegetation along the lines that deliver electricity to our customers,” he said. “We utilize industry best management practices to maintain vegetation on the ground floors of our rights of way. This is accomplished primarily by herbicide applications and mowing as needed. We use trained and professional maintenance crews to selectively apply herbicide products to manage plant growth in an environmentally sound manner.”

He said that trees and woody vegetation that are cut or mowed still have a viable root system that may re-sprout prolifically, which is why herbicides are applied to prevent sprouts from growing quickly and to reduce the need for repetitive cutting and mowing.

According to Flythe, the herbicide products Duke Energy uses are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “which requires rigorous toxicological, environmental and chemical testing before the herbicides are registered for use, and all applications are performed under the supervision of a licensed applicator.”

Q: Following the death of John Singleton, is the FX series “Snowfall” ending?


Answer: No, it’s not ending. Singleton, who died in April, was co-creator and producer of “Snowfall,” a crime drama set in the 1980s, and also directed and wrote episodes of the show. FX announced in August that the show has been picked up for another season to air in 2020.

In a statement, Nick Grad, one of the co-presidents of original programming for FX Entertainment, said that the production team would be “honoring John’s legacy through their commitment to building on the artistic excellence of ‘Snowfall’ with a fourth season on FX.” The third season ended Wednesday night.

Q: There’s a landline phone line attached to the outside of my house that droops across my yard to a post in the yard behind me. Will the phone company remove that and would I have to pay for it?


Answer: SAM got in touch with AT&T, which sent out a crew that repositioned the cable at no cost to you. “We apologize for any inconvenience,” said Ann L. Elsas, a spokeswoman for AT&T in the Southeast.

Q: Did the city contract with a consultant to come up with a new name for the Dixie Classic Fair? And if so, how much did that cost the taxpayers?


Answer: No, the city didn’t pay a consultant. As Journal reporter Wesley Young wrote last month, members of the city council got together to select a name so the city could avoid the estimated $60,000 a consultant would have cost.

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