Q: Has PBS canceled “The Lawrence Welk Show”?


Answer: UNC-TV is no longer airing the show, which was syndicated from the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA), said Rebekah Radisch, a spokeswoman for the station. “We appreciate the nearly three decades of entertainment it’s provided many of our viewers,” she said. “Because of changes in the agreement, our programming team chose not to renew the series.

“However, we are now able to offer better support to our original series — such as ‘Song of the Mountains,’ which showcases a diverse array of regional roots-oriented music and which UNC-TV makes available to PBS stations nationally.”

“The Lawrence Welk Show” originally aired first on Los Angeles TV in 1951, then on ABC from 1955 to 1971 and in first-run syndication from 1971 to 1982. It was often aired on PBS stations. After Welk retired in 1982, repeat episodes were packaged using color episodes. OETA began distributing the reruns in 1986, with vintage footage and new host segments featuring original members of the cast providing anecdotes and updates on their lives and careers, which OETA updates every other year. That version has aired on UNC-TV at least as far back as 1991.

Q: We have re-scanned our two antenna televisions and seem to have lost a station. We no longer get WMYV MY-48 on either TV. We have different types of antennas on each and have re-scanned numerous times to no avail. Do you have any ideas why this has happened?


Answer: By Wednesday, you should have the channel back. WMYV is currently having to use a temporary broadcast antenna that is 400 feet above ground level rather than the normal antenna, which is 1,900 feet up. “The reduction of height reduces the range of WMYV’s broadcasts,” according to the station. “This temporary situation is necessary due to the ongoing installation work on our new WMYV antenna at 1900 feet above ground level.” The transition may also affect the reception of WXLV ABC-45 for some viewers, since they are both on the same broadcast tower, but mainly affects WMYV.

Like several other stations in the market, WMYV is changing frequencies to free up airwaves for new high-speed wireless services. The change means that viewers who tune in the channel on their antenna have to re-scan their TV sets so they can continue to pick up the channels. We wrote about this in last Friday’s ASK SAM column. The majority of viewers get their TV through cable, satellite or another service and are not affected; this only involves people who use an antenna.

WMYV and UNC-TV were both supposed to make the change last week, but the FCC granted a delay to avoid interrupting carriage during Hurricane Dorian, so both will make the change Wednesday.

WXII NBC-12 went ahead with its transition last Friday as originally scheduled, and has engineers on hand to help viewers who don’t understand how to re-scan their TVs. They had more than 100 calls over the weekend, and are still taking calls to help assist viewers at 336-721-9944. They also have an instructional video at WXII12.com/rescan.

After 10 a.m. Wednesday, you should re-scan again; after that, you should be able to pick up WMYV again.

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