Q: Who are the people who sing “Wagon Wheel” in the commercial for Ken Burns’ “Country Music” documentary?


Answer: The commercial you are referring to was produced by Bank of America, one of the sponsors of “Country Music,” and features musicians from around the country performing excerpts from the song “Wagon Wheel” on a banjo. They include performers from Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, Alabama, Arizona, California, Tennessee, Virginia and Europe. Ketch Secor from the band Old Crow Medicine Show, who co-wrote the song with Bob Dylan and is a contributor in Burns’ documentary, is among the musicians featured in the montage. Other familiar faces include Dom Flemons from the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Amythyst Kiah and Don McNatt.

You can read short biographies of the 13 performers, some with accompanying videos, and see the full three-minute version of the song at about.bankofamerica.com/en-us/ken-burns/storytelling-with-ken-burns-country-music.html

Q: What is the process to have an abandoned vehicle removed from my property? The owner knows that it is there but has made no effort to move it.


Answer: “The landowner’s remedies are likely covered under a North Carolina Statute which grants to Forsyth County the power to remove and dispose of an abandoned or junked vehicle,” said local lawyer Mike Wells. He suggested you send a letter to the vehicle owner that if the owner does not remove the vehicle by a certain date, you will contact the county to haul the vehicle off. He recommends sending a letter by regular and certified mail to assure you have a paper trail to show you tried to notify the owner that you will have the vehicle turned over to the county.

The county under the statute has the ability, after due notice to the vehicle owner, to sell the vehicle or dispose of it, or otherwise have a new title issued to the purchaser of the vehicle. The process typically takes 90 days to gain a new title for the purchaser.

“If the owner of the vehicle does not respond, the concerned property owner can contact my office via telephone, email, etc.,” said Minor Barnette, director of the Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection, to determine if the county code is applicable in your specific situation.

“These scenarios can be pretty complicated and we are required to apply a detailed, literal interpretation of the code as it pertains to each unique case,” he said.

We have created a direct link to Forsyth County’s code, chapter 11, “Disposition of Abandoned and Junked Motor Vehicles,” at tinyurl.com/abandonedcode.

For more assistance, you can contact Barnette’s office at 336-703-2440.

Q: Why don’t you ever hear who won the Publishers Clearing House, or at least what state? Not once did I ever hear of anyone winning.


Answer: Publishers Clearing House lists recent winners on its website, at pch.com/winners. Among winners this month have been two from North Carolina, one in Sanford who won a Lincoln Nautilus and one in Southmont who won a $10,000 prize. Winners of smaller prizes are rarely publicized, but winners of bigger prizes often are; for instance, back in July, a couple in Clarence, N.Y., won $1 million, which was reported in local news there.

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