Firefighters with the Winston-Salem Fire Department extinguished a fire April 10, 2019 at Mr. Barbecue on Peters Creek Parkway on Wednesday.

Q: When will Mr. Barbecue reopen? The phone has been disconnected and they did not reopen in the fall.


Answer: The current target date for reopening Mr. Barbecue is mid-May, weather permitting, said co-owner Jimmy Carros.

The restaurant, on Peters Creek Parkway, was damaged by a fire last April. On Facebook that June, the owners had said they had hoped to reopen in the fall, but Carros said back in August that estimate had been "pretty optimistic." At that time, the estimate for reopening had shifted to 2020, and it has now gotten more specific.

As to the phone being disconnected, Carros said that is because there is no power at the restaurant, but he hopes to have the number re-routed soon and it will remain the same when the restaurant re-opens.

Construction crews recently gave Carros a more specific estimate of May, he said, though if we have bad weather this winter that could be delayed, especially if there is more heavy rain, ice or snow that might push back the work needed. When SAM drove through the restaurant's parking lot on Wednesday morning, he saw a crew working on the interior of the building; the roof has been largely removed.

One possible change during the reconstruction would be the addition of a drive-through lane around the back of the restaurant, which they are looking into, Carros said. A lot of customers had suggested that over the years. The business also suspended its catering service until the restaurant is back up and running. He expects the menu not to change much, saying "We want to emulate as much of what we've done in the past as we can."

Q: Hanes Mall Boulevard has been exceptionally hard to drive through lately because lights aren't letting enough cars through the intersections before they change, resulting in long backups. This is particularly bad at the intersection of the U.S. 421 exit/Jonestown Road/Hanes Mall Boulevard, and at other intersections such as Stratford and Hanes Mall Boulevard. I've also noticed that Meadowlark Road from Hundley to Country Club has no ditches, so water builds up and runs across the road whenever we receive moderate to heavy rain. Does the Department of Transportation realize these areas need attention?


Answer: As to your first complaint, "Signal staff will investigate those intersections to ensure there are no signal issues," said Laura Whitaker, a spokeswoman for the Winston-Salem Department of Transportation. As for the storm water issue, you should file a report with CityLink 311 when you see a problem such as this. In addition to calling or using a smartphone app, you can send an email to

Q: I was just wondering if the Journal will have a calendar for 2020. I usually get one in my paper but so far I haven't.


Answer: The annual calendar wrap is scheduled to run in this Sunday's edition.

Q: Week after week, the TV section states the Sudoku solution is on page 2, but it's on page 3 instead. Please tell the editors!


Answer: We have, and that should be fixed by this Saturday's TV Week. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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