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Q: What is the speed limit on Peters Creek Parkway heading onto downtown? It is 45 mph up to Academy, but what is the speed limit on the new bridge and where does it switch to 35 mph coming in?


Answer: “Our ordinance has the 45 mph ending at the Business 40 Westbound ramp,” said J.P. Couch with the state Department of Transportation. “So 35 mph would begin just past the ramp toward the ballpark. With all the construction going on in this area, I’m sure most signs have been removed. The city would be responsible for reinstalling the 35 mph sign.”

The city will not update signage until construction is complete, according to the Winston-Salem Department of Transportation.

Q: Apparently, Winston-Salem now asks for plastic bottles to be recycled with the cap on, whereas before they wanted the cap off. Why the change? Will they still take plastic bottles without the cap? And what about Clemmons?


Answer: That change in policy is nothing new. Since 2013, the city’s Recycle Today program has accepted bottles with the lids on them. Before that, they asked for lids to be removed, but because of public demand, they changed the policy. But while they prefer lids to be left on for consistency’s sake, they will still accept bottles that do not have lids.

Waste Management, which handles recycling in Clemmons, asks that plastic lids be separated from plastic bottles, since they are often made from different materials.

Q: I had my 2013 Kia Optima washed at Sam’s Xpress Car Wash on University Parkway. The attendant used a high-pressure washer on the quarter panel and paint was chipped off. This was new paint, and there was no damage to the quarter panel before the washer was used. I filed a claim but it was denied.


Answer: SAM contacted Sam’s Xpress, which is headquartered in Matthews. They said there was a reason they denied your claim.

“We appreciate your concern and we would like to assure you that our customers are top priority,” they said in an email response.

“The Sam’s Xpress team is professionally trained and investigates each claim thoroughly before reaching a final decision. After the investigation, we identified pre-existing damage to the vehicle, which Sam’s Xpress cannot be held liable for.”

Results of the investigation included “defected and chipped paint prior to the car wash” in the area that you reported the damage, they said, and a Carfax report also identified two previous collisions prior to your visit. According to the Carfax report, there was a left rear impact in March 2016, and a left front accident in October 2017. The type of accident reported in each case was minor, “usually cosmetic, including dents or scratches to the vehicle body,” according to the report.

If you are unsatisfied with the results of a claim, you can contact Sam’s Xpress’s corporate office at or 704-563-3981.



Write: Ask SAM, 418 N. Marshall St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101 

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