Q: The Forsyth Humane Society has my relative’s dog. The dog walked away when he was out for his morning potty time, and was hit by a car. His owner wasn’t allowed to see him when she went to say he was hers. This is a traumatic situation and they are making it worse.


Answer: “Both the Humane Society and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services division are working with the owner of the dog in a happy reunion,” said Capt. Van Loveland, head of the Animal Services division, on Wednesday.

“The dog was found injured with no collar, ID tags, or microchip by a citizen who notified us at Animal Services,” according to Loveland.

“We transported the dog to an emergency vet for treatment and were unable to contact the owner due to the dog having no ID tags, no microchip, and not being registered, which are all required by county ordinance in Forsyth County.

Yearly registration fees are $5 for animals that are spayed/neutered/ $25 for ones that are not; and $100 for dogs that are declared to be “Dangerous Dogs” by Animal Services. Chapter 6 of the Forsyth County Code spells out the requirements for registering dogs and cats, vaccination, and other ordinances.

Your doggy nephew “was also not wearing a rabies vaccination tag and we could not locate any record of a rabies vaccine, which is required by the state of North Carolina, so a rabies vaccination had to be administered,” Loveland said.

Loveland said they are working with the owner on the money that is owed for the treatments, which he said are required to be paid before the dog can be reunited with its owner. That policy is spelled out in County Code 6-46.

“We would like all citizens to know that rabies vaccinations for dogs, cats, and ferrets are required by the state of North Carolina,” Loveland said.

“In Forsyth County, dogs and cats must be licensed with the Animal Services Division and dog owners are required to have a collar on their dog with the rabies and license tag attached and the dog is required to wear it at all times. We also want pet owners to know that microchipping their pet is a great way for us to know who the owner is when located, but they must register the microchip and keep the owner information up to date.”

Protecting Dogs from the Cold

While we’re on the subject of dogs, with below-freezing temperatures expected this weekend and next week, it’s a good time to remind folks that free dog houses and bedding straw are available for outdoor dogs.

“Over twenty dog houses are available at no cost thanks to the efforts of UNchain Winston volunteers, The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Division, and the Forsyth Humane Society,” said Keith Murphy, co-founder of UNchain Winston.

“Free bagged bedding straw is also available to the public. Some of the dog houses are newly built and others are used houses that were donated by the public and refurbished by UNchain Winston,” he said.

Lower-income county residents can request these from the Forsyth Humane Society, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 5570 Sturmer Park Circle in Winston-Salem.

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