Q: The speed limit on Peters Creek Parkway northbound from Davidson County is posted as 55 mph until it is reduced to 45 mph near the Waffle House. There used to be a 55 mph sign across from the Waffle House,on the southbound side, but is gone. What is the speed limit there? I think it should be 55 to facilitate the exodus of workers from Winston-Salem every day, just as it gets them to work in the morning. Was this an intentional reduction of the speed limit on one side of the road?


Answer: Southbound speed limit signs on Peters Creek Parkway in the area you are referring to should say 55 mph, said Laura Whitaker, a spokeswoman for the city Department of Transportation. The 45 mph zone is from Business 40 to 0.2 miles north of Brewer Road, she said. Based on your question, she said DOT has submitted a work order to have the sign replaced. SAM has checked and there is now a 55 mph sign on the southbound side near Brewer Road.

Q: Traveling north on Research Parkway, where the road splits and one can turn left onto City Yard Drive, why is there a traffic light there? Traffic traveling south is never heavy enough to warrant stopping for any length of time. Left-turning traffic could easily be managed by a yield sign or, if felt necessary, a stop sign.


Answer: “There is a traffic signal at the intersection of Research Parkway and City Yard Drive because the southbound approach is multi-lane and the intersection is setup to allow for future dual left turns on City Yard Drive,” Whitaker said.

Q: When there is a ball game or any other program that takes the time slot of NBC Nightly News, does that mean that the news is not broadcast at all? Can WXII broadcast it on one of its other channels when this happens?


Answer: “When NBC is not broadcast, because of sports for example, it is not available to us for a different channel,” said Michelle Butt, the president and general manager of WXII NBC-12.

“We can only run NBC on another channel or delay its start, when we have to preempt for significant local coverage, like bad weather and the network is producing its product,” she said. If the network preempts the newscast, there is no product available; the same happens occasionally to the Sunday morning show “Meet the Press.”

Q: Where in Forsyth County can I dispose of fire extinguishers? The internet says bring them to your fire department or hazardous waste disposal site but the fire departments here do not take them and neither does 3RC. Can you help?


Answer: Fire-Ade Inc., at 2800 Griffith Road, accepts old fire extinguishers for free disposal. For more information, call 336-765-1911. Depending on the extinguisher, it’s possible that it could be recharged and used again; they can give you an estimate on that, which varies from one model to the next. Household fire extinguishers can be disposed of in your regular trash as long as they are completely empty.

The city’s recycling program and household hazardous waste disposal programs do not take fire extinguishers.

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