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Q: Why does the Journal no longer print the boxscores of the Winston-Salem Dash games?


Answer: The Journal has been getting boxscores for the Winston-Salem Dash’s games this season from the team’s website, according to Adam Houston, lead editor in sports.

Recently, the Dash changed the format it uses for posting boxscores. The format change didn’t work well with the Journal’s design software, making it difficult to get the boxscores in the paper by deadline.

“Due to time constraints, we made the decision to not print boxscores for the Dash games,” Houston said.

Q: I’ve had Time Warner/Spectrum service for years and I’ve rarely had to complain about their service. Over the past week, however, our service in Clemmons has gone down repeatedly, which means no phone service either. Twice I’ve called on my cellphone and made an appointment, only to get an automated call stating the service had been restored — which would be great, but then the service went out again.


Answer: “It seems some customers in the neighborhood (in the address you gave) may have experienced an intermittent service issues due to a technical issue,” said Scott Pryzwansky, a spokesman for Spectrum Cable. “We apologize for the inconvenience. Our teams were engaged as soon as we became aware of the issue and worked as quickly as possible to resolve it.”

He said the issue was resolved over the weekend. If you continue to have problems, let Spectrum know.

Q: When Business 40 is brought up to interstate standards, will it be designated “Interstate 240”?


Answer: “Business 40 is NOT being upgraded to interstate standards and will be signed as U.S. 421 between I-40/US 421 to the west and I-40 in Guilford County to the east,” said Pat Ivey with the N.C. Department of Transportation. “U.S. 421 has actually been the official designation of the highway since Interstate 40 was opened in the early 1990s. The road will also carry the name ‘Salem Parkway.’”

Q: Are any of the cast members of the TV show “Green Acres” still living?


Answer: Of the main cast from the popular 1960s sitcom, only Tom Lester, who played handyman Eb Dawson, is still living. He is 80. His most recent acting role was in the 2014 comedy “Campin’ Buddies” alongside singer Ray Stevens and actor Don Most, best known as Ralph on “Happy Days.” You can see a 2018 photo of him at the “Green Acres Home Page” fan site,

Mary Grace Canfield, who played tomboy carpenter Ralph Monroe, was the most recent castmember to pass away, dying of lung cancer in 2014.

Thank You

“I want to extend this very appreciative ‘thank you’ to the man who saved my life at the K&W on July 10th. Your performing the Heimlich maneuver on me, when I was choking on chicken,truly saved my life. I believe our God, put us both in the right place at the right time. May He bless you in your daily walk always.” — V.J.

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