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Q: Is there anything that can be done about the “garbage liquid” that is spilled when garbage is picked up? I live in a quiet, low-traffic neighborhood and we frequently walk and visit on the roads. The garbage trucks spill liquid when picking up trash and the smell is overwhelming. I do appreciate having garbage pickup and the guys that do it, but I wish it could be done without leaving these hazardous spills behind.


Answer: The problem comes up because of what residents place in the trash, according to Chris Christmas, the city sanitation director.

“The equipment is designed to handle the collection of normal household garbage,” he said. “This issue arises when citizens place liquids in their trash. Per city ordinances, liquids are prohibited from being placed in the trash.”

Section 26-10 of city ordinance states that “It shall be unlawful for anyone to place garbage that has not been drained of all free liquid, wrapped, bagged and enclosed in paper or plastic material in containers for collection.”

“If a citizen experiences these issues, they should reach out to the sanitation department so our staff can investigate and respond to these issues,” Christmas said.

Q: Where did the story that the moon is made of cheese come from?


Answer: The bizarre, fanciful claim dates back to at least medieval times, according to an article on this subject at

Folktales told of a fox that convinced a wolf to stop chasing him and instead go after the moon’s reflection in a pond, which the fox claimed was a wheel of cheese.

A book from 1546 called “The Proverbs of John Heywood” claimed “the moon is made of greene cheese” (the “greene” referred to the age of the cheese, not its color) and the phrase went on to be used to express someone’s gullibility.

Another factor may be that the craters on the moon made it look like Swiss cheese, but the exact origins of the phrase are unknown

Q: With numerous wrecks that happen at the intersection of Shattalon and Yadkinville roads, how come a left turn signal has never been put in? It’s extremely dangerous in the mornings and around five o’clock.


Answer: Laura Whitaker, a spokeswoman for the Winston-Salem Department of Transportation, said that intersection would be added to a list of intersections the city is looking at to see if a left turn signal is warranted or viable.


S..W. wrote in to thank two people who helped her last Wednesday. “I was on the way to Cloverdale Plaza,” she wrote. “When I got to Northwest Boulevard and Hawthorne Road, the street was closed. I got lost. This nice lady led me back where I needed to go. Lo and behold, on the way back I took a different route, and ran into another street closing. This time, a nice man told me how to get back on Strafford Road. I just want to thank both of them for helping a seasoned senior find her way. May God forever bless both of them.”

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