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Q: Does North Carolina have laws that protect people who damage vehicles to save unattended children and pets from extreme heat or cold? We moved from Tennessee, where “Good Samaritans” are protected by law if, for example, they break car windows to save unattended children from overheated car interiors.


Answer: “While there are ‘Good Samaritan’ laws that protect individuals who act reasonably and in good faith to provide emergency services to others, the laws are primarily geared toward motor vehicle crashes and drug overdoses and do not specifically address children or animals left in vehicles,” said Christina Howell, public affairs officer with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

“We strongly recommend calling 911 and giving all relevant and requested information to the dispatcher,” she said. “The dispatcher will relay the information to the responding officer and will direct you what, if any, action to take before the officer arrives on scene. N.C.G.S. protects law enforcement officers, firefighters and rescue squad workers from legal prosecution resulting from an attempt to rescue a child or animal from a vehicle.”

Q: Since we’ve been rerouted around downtown, I’ve had occasion to travel from U.S. 52 down 28th Street. I was surprised to see that 28th street is two lanes one way through a heavily residential area. Why isn’t this a two-way street?


Answer: According to Laura Whitaker, a spokeswoman for the Winston-Salem Department of Transportation, 27th and 28th Streets are both two-lane, one-way streets due to capacity and short block lengths.

“Coliseum Road, which feeds from Robinhood Road, turns into 27th and 28th Streets to continue that major east/west connection,” she said in an email response to SAM. “The volume of traffic, as well as the short block length, warrant multi-lanes and there is insufficient right-of-way to carry the 4-lane road all the way to Liberty Street. Therefore, two, one-way roads carry the traffic east/west within the existing right-of-way.

“The one-way patterns also limit delays as turning movements do not have to find an acceptable gap to turn left.”

More school supply donation options

The Educator Warehouse, a collaboration between Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, Forsyth Education Partnership, and the county council of PTAs, takes donations from local businesses, organizations and individuals.

“We ask for new and gently-used school supplies and/or monetary donations, to have a direct impact on the classrooms in our community,” according to their website. “Please support our teachers ... by making a donation or volunteering. Contact for more information or call 336-671-1078.”

You can get more information about the program at

Also, the Salvation Army of Greater Winston-Salem has just started a “Stuff the Bus School Supply Drive,” looking for items including pencils, glue sticks, erasers, washable markers, book bags, colored pencils, binders, notebook paper, rules and more. Updates on that campaign can be found at

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