Q: I have been trying for weeks to cancel my AT&T land line. I’ve called various numbers. On one of them, a robot asked what I was calling about and when I said ‘cancel service’ it put me on hold and never came back. I tried again, and have been on hold more than an hour several times with no response. I went online but when I searched for a ‘cancel service’ option it counter-offered with other options but there was no way to cancel. And on the ‘live chat’ feature, ‘cancel’ was not an option. Can you help?


Answer: SAM got in touch with Ann L. Elsas, head public relations manager for AT&T in the Southeast. She said that someone from AT&T would be in touch with you directly (you only gave us your email address) to help resolve the problem. If you have not heard back from them by the time this column runs, let us know at asksam@wsjournal.com.

As for other people with similar concerns: “As always, we can help in-person at any of our retail stores,” Elsas said. “Our customers can also contact us by calling our customer care line, chatting live on att.com or by engaging with our social handle. We work to address our customers’ concerns as quickly as possible and thank them for their patience.”

Techwalla.com, a website devoted to technology issues for home and family, has a list of steps for canceling your AT&T landline service (of course, these steps require waiting out the lengthy hold times you may encounter):

Step 1: Make sure you’re current on your bill. They will not usually let customers cancel if they have a balance due.

Step 2: Find your regional customer service number, which is listed on your billing statement, and call. “Follow the menu options until you can speak to a general representative. Tell the rep you’d like to cancel. You’ll probably be transferred to the AT&T customer retention department.”

Step 3: Refuse any offers. The retention team often has special promotional offers for customers attempting to cancel. “Politely decline any offers, and gently insist that you want your service canceled.”

Step 4: Record information from the conversation, including time and date, the name of the representative you talked with, and any confirmation number they provide. You may need this information later to prove you canceled.

Q: I have a merchandise credit for Bevello clothing boutique at Thruway shopping center, and see the store has closed. Are they reimbursing customers?


Answer: Unfortunately, no. The Raleigh company behind Bevello filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in February after closing some of its stores last year. On Aug. 8, they announced they were closing all their remaining Bevello stores, including the one at Thruway, as of Aug. 9.

“All Bevello sales will be final, and we will not be able to honor any gift cards or merchandise credits,” they said in the announcement. “We sincerely apologize for any issues you may experience.”

They clarified on social media that they would accept gift cards in the stores on that final day, but have now apparently closed for good.

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