Q: I have a friend who is renting a house that has a lot of mold in it. She has told the landlord and there have been no improvements. She and her family are constantly sick, and at least one of her children has asthma. Who does she contact to help with getting the landlord to take care of the problem?


Answer: “If the property is inside the city limits, the tenant’s first action should be to put the complaint in writing to the landlord or property owner,” said Dan Dockery, assistant inspections director with the city of Winston-Salem. “After that written notice is provided to the landlord, the tenant should ask for a date of abatement or compliance, and if possible get that date in writing.”

If the landlord is non-responsive, he said, the tenant should then contact City Link at 311, which will connect them with the proper staff and an inspector with Community Development will follow up, Dockery said.

If the property is in the county, the tenant should contact the Forsyth County Housing and Community & Economic Development office at 336-703-2680. They would have a code enforcement officer visit the home and assess the situation, according to director Dan Kornelis.

If the home is not in compliance with the county’s minimum housing code as observed by that officer, the owner would be informed of what must be done to bring the home back up to the county’s minimum standards and a time frame would be given for completion.

Q: Recently there has been a lot of construction on Peace Haven Road. Approaching U.S. 421 is very difficult in the early mornings. They should have used perhaps a reflective paint directing vehicles onto the correct path, as this ramp also has lanes to exit onto Peace Haven. Visibility is currently very bad.


Answer: SAM shared your concerns with the N.C. Department of Transportation, which is looking into the problem.

“We have asked our contractor to re-apply the temporary pavement markings and symbols, as they have become a little weak, to help with the reflectivity concerns at night,” said Jordan C. Scott, resident engineer with Division 9.

Q: What happened to the TV program “Yellowstone”? It seems to have ended the season suddenly.


Answer: The episode that aired on Aug. 28, “Sins of the Father,” was indeed the season finale to the show’s second season, but a third season has already been ordered. Like the second season, it will have 10 episodes.

According to industry news site, Eden Brolin, the daughter of Josh Brolin, will be joining the cast in a recurring role. Kevin Costner stars in the series,about a ranching family. It is shown on the Paramount Network.

Q: Since Monday, the small TV in our kitchen has been showing MSNBC and CNN on the wrong channel numbers on Spectrum Cable, while they are correct on our other TVs. Please solve this.


Answer: SAM got in touch with Spectrum, which had engineers contact you to resolve the problem.

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