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Q: About a year ago, you mentioned a way to find out if there were any life insurance policies for you. I wonder if you could share that again.


Answer: You’re thinking of the North Carolina Department of Insurance’s “Lost Life Insurance and Annuity Inquiry Service,” to help consumers locate benefits from life insurance policies or annuity contracts that were purchased in North Carolina.

The information is available for beneficiaries, executors, and legal representatives. You can find information at

“Requests will be forwarded to North Carolina-licensed life insurance companies once the request has been received, “ according to the site. “Insurance companies will then contact the beneficiary if a policy is located.”

For policies purchased in another state, you will need to contact their Department of Insurance; you can find that information at

Q: I’m wondering what the rationale is for putting large drain pipes under Tobaccoville and Vienna Dozier roads. There are many of them, very close together, and each one disrupts traffic and takes heavy equipment. We’ve traveled those roads more than 50 years and have never seen flooding or excessive water standing beside these roads.


Answer: That is regular planned maintenance work, according to John P. Rhyne, division maintenance engineer with the N.C. Department of Transportation.

“We are replacing all the existing cross lines under the roadway and doing ditching along the roadway in select areas,” he said. “As with all things, the storm drainage pipes under the roadway have a life expectancy and we are making a concerted effort to replace those pipes before the traveling public experiences any issues with them failing.”

He said that the state DOT has a couple more weeks of work to finish the drainage work.

Q: I am concerned about the lighting as you exit onto Research Parkway headed toward Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. It is very dark in the early morning. When the city proposed this new exit, was there any consideration for lighting?


Answer: Interchange lighting was installed as part of the Salem Creek Parkway Project, according to Pat Ivey with the state DOT. “The city is also planning to install street lighting on Research Parkway in the near future,” he said.

Q: What year did the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies play an exhibition game in Winston-Salem? I remember Don Cardwell pitching for the Phillies.


Answer: That game was played at Ernie Shore Field 61 years ago today, on April 9, 1958.

As Journal sports writer Dan Collins wrote in 2011, “It was the day Mickey Mantle came to town. Mantle had one hit in one official at-bat and scored two runs.

“Don Cardwell, a Winston-Salem native who had starred at Gray High School, was in his second major-league season. He pitched four innings against the Yankees, giving up six runs on seven hits and four walks. The crowd was estimated at 10,059.”

The final score was Phillies 12, Yankees 8.

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