Q: My husband and I live in a development off Stratford Road and are fairly new here, but have flowers and a few vegetables planted. I asked the president of our HOA where I should put my yard waste. He advised putting it in a garbage bag and disposing of it with the household trash. This did not sit well with me. Is there a place I could take it for disposal? I’m fairly sure I could get a disposal bin from the city, but I don’t think I have enough waste to warrant that. Any advice would be helpful.


Answer: Yard waste should not be disposed of in the garbage. N.C. State Law (130A-309.10(F) 3) prohibits the disposal of yard waste (e.g., leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs, brush, etc.) in sanitary landfills.

According to Chris Christmas, the head of the city sanitation department, the yard-waste bin is a weekly option for disposing of smaller amounts of brush and yard waste that will fit inside a cart. The city also offers curbside brush collection for single family residences.

Another option he suggested was disposing of yard waste at one of two facilities operated by the Utilities Division: the Overdale Yard Waste Facility at 4010 Old Milwaukee Lane in Winston-Salem; and Forum 52 Yard Waste Facility at 180 Northstar Drive in Rural Hall.

“Both of these facilities accept yard waste from the general public, private companies and the City Sanitation yard waste collection crews throughout the year,” Christmas said.

Q: I’ve noticed that the Saturday daytime schedule page is no longer in the weekly TV Week guide, just prime time. Any reason why?


Answer: The layout of the weekly TV book was recently changed, and some elements had to be cut to make everything fit. The Saturday daytime listings were considered to be the most expendable compared to the primetime listings.


“My thanks to the manager and assistant manager at Walmart Grocery in Clemmons who helped me look for my lost wallet in the dark parking lot. And a special thank you to ‘James’ who found it and walked up and said, ‘Are you looking for this?’ God bless him.” — W.W.

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