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Q: We recently moved into what we thought was a nice quiet neighborhood in Winston-Salem on the border between a business and residential zone. As the weather grew warmer, we’ve experienced a huge amount of loud bass music from cars at the corner gas station. It’s constant every night, but just infrequent enough that we aren’t sure local police would be willing to spend a few weeks camped out handing out citations. What should we do?


Answer: “Your reader can contact management of the property in question to see what measures they are willing to take to reduce the noise level,” said Lt. Brian Dobey with the Winston-Salem Police Department.

There are both city and county noise ordinances that may apply. For instance, city ordinance 46-36, regarding “radios, tape players or similar devices operated in street or other public area,” states that:

No person shall cause, allow or permit the operating or playing of any radio, tape player or similar device that reproduces or amplifies sound in such a manner as to create noise at 50 feet from the device or vehicle containing that device when the device or vehicle is being operated in or on a public right-of-way or public space.

And Forsyth County noise ordinance (Sect. 15-1) also bans radios, phonographs and other “sound production or amplifying equipment in such manner or with such volume at any time, during the day, or night, but particularly during hours between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., as to frighten or disturb the quiet, comfort or repose of any reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities in any dwelling, hotel or other type of residence in the vicinity.”

“When your reader hears noises that violate any of these, they can call 336-773-7700 to have a Winston-Salem Police Officer dispatched out to investigate,” Dobey said.

“Due to the short duration that most people remain at refueling stations, the person playing the loud music may be gone when the officer arrives. However, in some circumstances, the officers may be close by and be able to arrive in time to hear the noise violation and take enforcement action. Also, if the reader can identify the vehicle and its operator from where the loud music is coming, they could go to the Magistrate’s Office and speak with the on-duty Magistrate about prosecution.”

Q: Why is channel 45 not listed in TV Week along with the other channels? It is a serious channel with shows including “Forensic Files,” “Death Row Stories” and more. This channel has the logo HLN. What does this stand for?


Answer: Channel 45 on Spectrum Cable, HLN, stands for “Headline News,” because its original format was headline news every half hour. In recent years, they have added the programs you mention to their evening lineup. The channel is a spinoff of CNN.

They were not originally included in the TV Week lineup because their schedule did not change, and there is not room to squeeze another channel into the listings without either reducing the type size or removing an existing channel, either of which would upset other viewers.

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