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Q: A friend complained to City Link about a neighbor who has six junk cars in their yard within the city limits. When City Link went to the neighbor concerning the junk cars, the representative told them who had complained, which caused much bad will and fear of retribution for my friend. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard such stories. What is City Link’s stand on keeping such reporting confidential?


Answer: “City Link takes the confidentiality of our customer’s information very seriously,” said Shantell McClam, the director of that program. “It is not the practice of City Link staff to divulge the name of the customers who report Code Enforcement issues. Concerns of this type can actually be submitted to us without providing any contact information. The reporting individual can remain anonymous, we simply need the address of the suspected violation.”

City Link reports issues to be resolved by the responsible department, but representatives of City Link do not investigate cases themselves. “We do not go out to properties nor do we contact property owners regarding possible violations,” McClam said.

And, as we pointed out in a column last week, your friend was right; Forsyth County residents are allowed to keep one unregistered vehicle on their property in a residential area, and having more than one is a zoning violation. Even if there is only one, in the city limits it may violate the city’s aesthetic vehicle code for a variety of reasons.

Q: We are replacing our flourescent lighting in our kitchen with LED bulbs. Where do we take the old fluorescent bulbs?


Answer: Fluorescent light bulbs can be taken to the 3RC EnviroStation household hazardous waste and electronic waste disposal facility, 1401 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. They accept those bulbs and other household hazardous wastes from Forsyth County residents free of charge. You can find a complete list of items they take at The bulbs should not be disposed of in your household waste. People in other counties should check with their sanitation departments for local regulations.

They are open Wednesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., except certain holidays that are listed on the website.

Quilting donations

C.G. wrote in to say that she is a quilter who is downsizing and has some quality fabrics to give to a group that makes quilts for charity. Any local groups that do such charity work can let us know, so we can share the information with C.G. and other people looking for donation opportunities. Send us an email at and let us know your group’s name, what kind of work it does, contact information, and what type of materials you are looking for.

Gravestone cleaner

Following up on a recent question about D/2 Biological Solutions gravestone cleaner, SAM heard from Carolina Wood Decks, a local business that carries that product. You can find more information at by clicking on “Gravestone Guardian” on the home page.

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