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Q: My mom has an old typewriter that I would like to get repaired. I know it seems odd with today’s technology, but some things from the past should never be forgotten. I was hoping you could tell me if there is someone who still does this type of service.


Answer: We have not found any local businesses that repair typewriters. However, here are a couple we found within a two-hour drive of Winston-Salem that can do repairs:

  • Mid-State Business Machines in Durham repairs typewriters and other machines including cash registers, tabletop copiers, folding machines. They also stock typewriter ribbons. You can contact owner Jerry Cheek for more information at 919-286-9371. “I would need to see the machine to give a true estimate, but I can give them a ballpark figure,” he said. He does not recommend trying to mail in the typewriter because of the weight and the chance of the interior becoming damaged in transit. For more information, you can also write to Mid-State at PO Box 2892, Durham, NC 27715
  • Jerry’s Office Supplies, formerly Jerry’s Typewriter Services, is a business in Marion, Va. that has been in business since 1975 and can repair and refurbish old typewriters. They can get some new parts, said co-owner Connie Muncy, and have old typewriters on hand they can salvage for other parts. They also sell ribbons, cartridges and other equipment. To get an estimate or more information, call them at 276-783-5172. They have occasionally taken mail order shipments of typewriters to repair if they are well-packaged and secured. You can also write to them at 1356 North Main St., Marion NC 24354.

Old Bob’s Old Typewriters has a list of other repair shops around the country at

If any readers have other recommendations, they can let us know at

Q: I have an unused $50 gift card to Cheddar’s restaurant purchased in 2015. It has no expiration date. I talked with Cheddar’s recently and they said the brown card, which I have, had been replaced with the current white ones and the brown card has no value. How can they do this? This sounds like theft of my $50. Can you do anything for me?


Answer: The card from 2015 was purchased when Cheddar’s was owned by a different company. Darden Restaurants, a Florida-based company that also owns such brands as Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse, acquired the restaurant chain in 2017. “Since that acquisition, Cheddar’s has transitioned to a new gift card platform, which is why the old gift card isn’t working,” said Brittany Baron, a manager of communications at Darden’s.

However, we have good news: “We will absolutely honor their purchase from 2015 and provide them with a new version of their $50 gift card so they can use it as planned,” Baron said. We provided her your email address and she may have been in touch with you by the time this answer runs.

Anyone else with an old card can contact the guest relations team at 888-642-7336 or on the Contact Us form at for assistance.

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