Q: I have been noticing more and more work and construction trucks with their painfully bright high-beam headlights on all day. When one gets behind you in traffic, it’s hard to see anything going on behind you. Isn’t “failure to dim” a chargeable offense?


Answer: Yes, it is. State statute 20-181 penalizes “Any person operating a motor vehicle on the highways of this State, who shall fail to shift, depress, deflect, tilt or dim the beams of the headlamps thereon whenever another vehicle is met on such highways or when following another vehicle at a distance of less than 200 feet, except when engaged in the act of overtaking and passing.”

According to Lt. J.E. Gomez of the Winston-Salem Police Department, “A person in violation of this law could be stopped by a police officer and issued a citation. Along with the $10 fine, the person receiving the citation would be responsible for associated court costs.”

Q: I’m writing to ask about the dangerous corner at Huntingreen Lane and Petree Road. As you attempt to turn onto Petree from Huntingreen, the trees at the high school corner so obstruct your view that, one has to edge out slowly to determine if cars are coming from the school direction. I’ve wondered why this isn’t trimmed better for years.


Answer: Keith Finch, head of vegetation management, said that is an interesting intersection.

“If you stop where the stop bar is and don’t pull up any further, the tree on the corner does pose a problem looking up Petree,” he said in an email reply to SAM. “If you stop at the stop bar and then ease up to the intersection, as is the case with most motorists, you can see fine. I don’t recall receiving any concerns about the sight problem at this intersection, which would explain why nothing has been done. However, we are going to address the tree and the low limbs with the property owner and will work on improving visibility.”

Q: How do I report an Amazon driver I believe was driving recklessly?


Answer: If it doesn’t rise to the level of a police call, your best bet is to reach out to the company at amazon-delivery@amazon.com with any relevant information and a brief description of what occurred — including address and approximate time, and any identification you may have on the vehicle. Their team will then look into the situation.

Q: Are there going to be more signs up marking Salem Parkway?


Answer: “Yes, the remainder of the signs will be installed over the next couple of months,” said Pat Ivey, division engineer with the N.C. Department of Transportation.


“On behalf of the VFW Memorial Honor Guard, I extend a heartfelt thank you to the anonymous gentleman who paid for our lunch at Pete’s Family Restaurant on Wednesday, Feb. 12,” wrote Clifford Harris, quartermaster. “Our Honor Guard had completed a mission to render military honors to a veteran of WWII (Navy) and Korea (Army) before we stopped for lunch. Your generosity and patriotism is appreciated by all of us.”

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