Q: They are selling two beers to one person at the Bowman Gray Stadium races. Is that against the law? They could give a beer to a minor.


Answer: That should not be happening based on current laws, according to Robert Mulhearn, public assembly facilities and venue manager for Winston-Salem Fairgrounds/Bowman Gray Stadium. But a change in the law means that it soon could be more commonplace.

“North Carolina law is one alcoholic beverage to a single patron at one time,” Mulhearn said. “However, it’s possible if other guests and parties are present, the drinks are purchased through a single transaction.”

A change in the law starting Sept. 1 states that two alcoholic beverages can be purchased at one time if both are malt beverages, Mulhearn said.

As for your concern over someone handing a beer over to a minor, that is against the law, whether it’s a second beer or the first one they purchased, and they could get in trouble since there are Winston-Salem police officers on hand at the races.

“Our food and beverage provider is responsible to servicing patrons at Bowman Gray in contract with rules and laws,” Mulhearn said. “We also staff the Beer Garden with two WSPD police officers and one security officer.”

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