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Q: If you pick up dog poop while walking your dog, is it legal to throw the bag into someone else’s city trash cart?


Answer: That depends on where the cart is, a city official said.

Refuse carts are city property, said Chris Christmas, head of the city sanitation department. “There is no prohibition against its disposal in the cart as long as it’s bagged,” he said.

However, you can’t go onto someone else’s property to dispose of the bag without permission.

“We are aware that situations develop from time to time such as the one where someone places dog waste in a cart as they are walking down the street,” Christmas said. “While this may not be the best solution for disposing of dog waste, placing it in a cart within the right-of-way is not a violation of the city ordinance. Of course, there may be a trespass issue if the person crosses the right-of-way onto private property to access the cart.”

SAM’s solution is to carry the bags back to his own property when walking his dog, Daisy.

And while we’re on the subject, yes, if you are in the city limits you do have to pick up after your dog, or face a potential city code violation. Code 6-12 says that it is “unlawful for the owner of any dog to permit the dog to leave its feces on the property of another.” It is also unlawful for the owner of a dog to permit the dog to leave its feces on city property or in a city street.

“When the identity and contact information of the violator can be reasonably ascertained by the city, then the city may issue a notice of violation and take enforcement action against the violator,” according to the code.

A violation of that code constitutes a class 3 misdemeanor, and “shall subject the offender to a fine of not more than $500.”

Q: What’s going on with the post office at Hanes Mall? On Monday I went to the Hanes Mall location and the clerk said he did not have any stamps. I said to stop joking and give me the Marvin Gaye collection. He said no, we do not have any stamps.


Answer: Towana Cheathem, the head clerk at that location, said that the office did not run out of all stamps, but it did run out of the Marvin Gaye stamps, which have been especially popular. Stamp supplies ran low at that post office after the Fourth of July, in part because of a large number of purchases from businesses, but they were replenished on Tuesday. “When we sell out, a reorder takes awhile to come back in,” Cheathem said. At last word, they did have the Marvin Gaye stamps in stock, she said.

The Marvin Gaye stamps are sold in a sheet of 16 stamps designed to look like a vintage 45 rpm record sleeve, and are the latest stamps in the U.S. Postal Service’s “Music Icons” series. They are also available online at (click on the “Shop All Stamps” button).

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