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Q: I see where many other TV services have signed on to carry the new ACC Network starting in August, but I do not see Spectrum/Time Warner. Living here in ACC Country, why have they not signed on to provide this?


Answer: Negotiations are still underway, but there is no update so far.

“We’ve had some discussions, but we don’t have an agreement at this time,” said Scott Pryzwansky, a spokesman for Spectrum in the Carolinas.

ACC Network is scheduled to debut on Aug. 22, and will include “live games, inside access, original content and analysis of the ACC all year long,” according to the network’s website, According to the site, DirecTV, Hulu Live and PlayStation Vue are among the services that have signed on to carry the channel; you can use the site to search for your ZIP code to see if there are any other services available in your area. For others, ACC Network is encouraging people to contact their service provider and show their support for the channel.

Q: My neighborhood in the county is served by ABC Garbage Inc. for residential trash pickup. The truck that picks up on our street has a serious hydraulic oil leak that leaves oil stains on the pavement. I spoke with a driver on May 29, who said he had reported the leak to management but so far they had not made repairs. The driver said that they have to refill the hydraulic oil reservoir every day. So far they have not made repairs.


Answer: “The problem has been addressed,” said Mike Marshall, vice president of operations for ABC Garbage Incorporated, in an email response to SAM. He said they thought the problem had been solved, but they were made aware on May 30 that there was still a leak and were making repairs over the weekend.

The company did not operate May 27 because of Memorial Day, and were running extra routes playing catch-up all the rest of that week, he said, with a substitute driver who was not aware of the repair history of the truck. “I do not know where the information came from that we have to put in hydraulic fluid every day,” Marshall said. “That is simply not true. For one thing, it would not make economical sense, as hydraulic fluid is very expensive. For another, we are aware of the impact on the environment and try to do our part to limit any negative impact we may have.

“Our trucks are inspected by the county and have to comply with their standards of service. We also inspect our trucks daily and the drivers are instructed to report any leaks as soon as they notice them. All large trucks are going to have a tendency to have some leaks and we address them as quickly and as effectively as we can. In short, we are working to ensure our trucks comply with the county.”

More Fabric Donation Options

Dresses of Hope, which makes dresses for missionaries to distribute to little girls, can use cotton fabrics, trims, and 2-inch elastic. For more information, contact 336-978-5971.

Any other groups that were not included in last week’s donation list can contact us at

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