Q: Where can I find a list of when flowers and trees bloom in the state? I am a beekeeper and it would be great if I knew when a certain type of tree or flower blooms is sections of North Carolina.

Answer: The North Carolina State Beekeepers Association has a great website with a calendar for when plants typically found in fields and forests of North Carolina flower. There are dates for the mountain region, piedmont, and the coastal plain. It can be found at this link: www.ncbeekeepers.org/resources/flowering-plants.

One thing to remember is that insects and plants don’t check with the calendar but respond to weather conditions, particularly soil temperatures and length of daylight. The science of phenology is the study of the interaction of climate and plant and animal behaviors, such as flowering and bird migration. According to the USA-National Phenology Network, spring is early this year. “Spring leaf out has arrived in the Southeast, over three weeks earlier than a long-term average (1981-2010) in some locations. Austin, Texas, is 10 days early; Jackson, Miss., and Charleston, S.C., are 17 days early, and Wilmington, N.C., is 22 days early. “Beekeepers, farmers, and gardeners would benefit from recording observations of plant and animal behaviors in their locations. The USA-NPN provides an opportunity for participation in data collection related to leaf out, flowering, appearance of bird species and more through its Nature’s Notebook project. For more information about the USA-NPN, visit www.usanpn.org/home.

Q: Is there a mushroom club in our area? How do I get in touch with it?

Answer: There has been a mushroom club in Winston-Salem, which was organized with three purposes: to learn about identifying mushrooms, growing mushrooms, and the culinary uses of mushrooms. Piedmont Triad Mushroom Club has taken a hiatus, but there is discussion about restarting the club. There is a particular need for leadership to restart the club. Visit the Facebook page to comment on your interest or email the club. The email address is piedmonttriadmushroomclub@gmail.com.

Mary Jac Brennan is the agent for fruit and vegetable horticulture for small farms and local food for the Forsyth Cooperative Extension. Contact Mary Jac about commercial production, local foods, and sustainable agriculture questions. For information on home and gardening issues, contact the Forsyth Cooperative Extension office at maryjac_brennan@ncsu.edu or call 336-703-2850.

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