I recently discovered world-class Italian gnocchi at our local Dollar Tree store. That’s right: The gnocchi costs a mere $1. Once I shared this discovery I received emails from both local readers and readers in other markets thanking me for sharing. After a couple of weeks went by, I noticed that my local Dollar Tree no longer had the gnocchi in stock. I then started receiving emails from others that had recently visited their local Dollar Tree and to their dismay, found the shelves to be “gnocchiless.” As a last resort I went to the Dollar Tree website. They sell the gnocchi online in boxes of 12. But alas, it was back ordered there as well. It looks like you can buy the same gnocchi online through Amazon, but it costs over $4 a bag! But, I have good news for you.

At the risk of depleting my gnocchi source, if you happen to have an Aldi’s near you, they offer very similar gnocchi for $1.70 a bag. They even have whole-wheat and spinach-infused gnocchi. Let’s get started.




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