Continuing the Greek theme started last week with my recipe for Greek-style green beans, here’s my lemon-garlic-oregano marinade for chicken.

I love to use this for kabobs — with or without such vegetables as peppers, onions and mushrooms — but it can be used for boneless whole pieces of chicken, too.

I prefer to use thighs, simply because they are less likely than breast pieces to dry out, but breast meat can be used, too. Sometimes I do a few skewers of each.

If the lemon, oregano and garlic weren’t enough, the addition of Greek tzatziki — the yogurt sauce traditionally served with gyros — makes this Greek all the way.

In fact, you might want to double up on the tzatziki — it tends to be addictive and can be used as a dip for vegetables and a lot more.

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Recipe from Michael Hastings

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