Most job seekers dread making calls to strangers to get an informational interview. There are numerous reasons as to why the fear is there. And it is real. However, if all factors were considered, the fear can be reduced significantly.

For instance, if the benefits to the person who is being sought are considered, then there could be some confidence that the conversation will go well. In fact, the interviewee might enjoy the call so much as to look forward to further conversations.

One of the benefits to an insider who grants an informational interview is that they get to help someone in need. Most employed workers need to feel important beyond just performing on the job. It is the good in all of us.

Another benefit is that they get exposed to the job marketplace which concerns all who depend upon a job for their livelihood. The job seeker can share how strong the market is for their expertise.

In addition, the worker gets exposed to better ways to get a job in the current job climate.

There are numerous ways people go about looking for work. Some are better than others. A seeker that utilizes the insider-network targeted companies approach would have a different level of success than a seeker who depended solely upon jobs advertised in the public domain. A large percentage of workers would change their jobs if they knew how to get a different one.

Some companies pay a signing bonus for talent recommended by a current employee. The insider contact could possibly be eligible for that bonus if the seeker gets hired. Having an aggressive job seeker doing the leg work to evaluate a company is a good indicator that the seeker would be worthy of recommending for further interviews.

The company benefits by having good talent working with existing employees, thereby saving costs associated with using an outside agency.

And, companies are always looking for intelligence on how their competition is doing. The seeker could have information about the marketplace that is of value to company management.

So, with all the benefits for companies and their employees if the seeker reaches out for an informational interview, the seeker should be confident and assured about reaching out with a call or visit. Fear is a state of mind which is managed by good intelligence about the “foe” and action to make it happen.

The other things to calm the fears are having a specified time and place to make to calls with no interruptions. A call list must be prepared so that there are multiple places to call when some do not answer or turn you down. Many horses need to be saddled for when one throws the rider.

The calling script will need to be learned and standing by. And, an accountability partner should be standing by to hear your call results after the calling campaign.

Successes in making good research visits to companies will build the confidence in the process. From there, the visits multiply, the insider contacts increase and then the job opportunities come ever so rapidly. The fear disappears!

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Glenn Wise is owner of Right Hire Solutions. Contact him at 336-509-5606 or careerfocussolutions.com.

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