In a big-hearted show of synergy between two of the city’s best music venues, Monstercade will be host to a benefit show on Saturday for the Mental Health Association of Forsyth County.

The Ramkat in downtown Winston-Salem, had the inaugural “Sound Minds” fundraiser for the local mental health association in June. Carlos Bocanegra and his band Vampiros played that show, sparking the idea to have a similar at the club he owns, Monstercade, 204 W. Acadia Ave.

A heavy downpour of rain that day resulted in low attendance, so Bocanegra felt particularly compelled to try to put together another show to fatten the mental health association’s coffers.

“We really wanted to take up the mantle and do something extra good,” Bocanegra said. “It’s an amazing cause.”

Sound Minds 2 will feature Grave of Gods and Mortimer, both metal bands; 110101011, synth pop; Severed Skies, electronic; and 30 Year Sick, a band from Charlotte that Bocanegra calls “Industrial Royalty.”

“They’ve done massive tours with all the big names in industrial music,” he said, mentioning shows with My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. “They’re very, very good and have an amazing light show.”

Bocanegra said all the bands volunteered to be part of the lineup, drawn to the cause of mental health, a misunderstood issue that gets tossed around, often carelessly, particularly in the wake of mass shootings.

“Unfortunately it’s always in the news after national tragedies, and there’s always a massive conversation, but there’s such a stigma, and it’s really sad,” he said. “And we’d like to do our part to bring it to the forefront, as well as raise money for people who are living with a mental health issue.”

Akmeraj Niroc of 30 Year Sick said the band’s lyrics often center around depression, anxiety and living with mental illness.

“We believe that mental heath is just as important as physical heath. Society needs to shed the stigma attached to it and no one should ever be afraid to seek help,” she said.

Several of the bands playing Saturday contacted Bocanegra after hearing about The Ramkat show.

“The night is going to be visually stunning with a lot of lasers and smoke shows. All the bands are amazing live acts,” he said.

Bocanegra said people under 21 who want to attend should contact Monstercade to put their name on a list. The best way to do that is through Monstercade’s Facebook and Instagram pages or by phone at 336-893-8591.

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