Kerry Eggers will be at Bookmarks signing copies of “Jail Blazers.”

GET SPORTY: The National Sports Media Association is in town this weekend for an awards banquet, and part of the festivities will include book signings by several sportswriters 2-5 p.m. June 23 at Bookmarks, 634 W. Fourth St., No. 110. Some of the writers scheduled to attend include Kerry Eggers, whose book “Jail Blazers,” covers a rather notorious period of the Portland Trail Blazers’ history. Rasheed Wallace, a former Tar Heel, was among the crop of bad boys from that team. Other writers include Chasity Melvin, a former player at N.C. State University, and Zach Berman, a veteran of Philadelphia newspapers who wrote about the Eagles’ Super Bowl win. The sports book festival is free.

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