At a young age, Corrie Beck developed a love of art, a passion that has stayed with her into young adulthood.

Now 19, Beck creates bold, beautiful things — including prints, paper, drawings and paintings. In between all her art-making, she works at Sunnyside Millwork and the Slanted Shed. Much of her work can be seen on her Instagram page Corrie_Beck.

Q: How would you describe your art?

Answer: I would describe my work as multi-faceted. My art is an exploration of various different mediums from drawing and painting to hand embroidery, photography, collage, and other mixed media. I’m drawn to composition, working a lot with design and color play.Latel, my work has been a fluid combination of organic and geometric forms, which I often use in my drawings or clothing.

Q: How have you evolved as an artist?

Answer: I think artistic evolution also pairs with artistic expansion. I’ve evolved most by exploring other mediums in the past several years. Through this process, I’ve found means to express myself in a variety forms, from painting to photography, sculpture, print work, paper cut, hand sewing and others. I’ve been making work for as long as I can remember, but as I’ve changed so has my style. Most recently I’ve been working more with textiles and clothing, with a focus in sustainable fashion — re-purposing old pieces through hand embroidery and patchwork. I’ve also begun to do more commission-based work, both in clothing and 2D design.

Q: Who has influenced your art?

Answer: For me, inspiration and influence are derived from a broad range of sources. There are many friends, artists and creative people who are muses for my work. But I am just as influenced from them as I am from nature, my surroundings and experiences, art movements of the past, and other cultures.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?

Answer: Staying motivated and finding a creative discipline and rhythm is difficult. It takes a certain cadence and consistency to work through blocks. Often my inspiration is there, but it takes a lot of focus to execute that vision.

Q: What does art do for you?

Answer: Art is a way of living and it is ever-evolving. It serves as a means of processing and expression, and also a way to bring beauty to my surroundings. For me, art manifests as creativity in many forms; it’s a way of being and of seeing.

Q: Any advice for other artists?

Answer: Surround yourself with your inspiration. Support and collaborate with other artists, and spend time with people who draw you out. Make time and space to create.

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