Mariann Aalda is at the National Black Theatre Festival with a one-woman show that looks at getting older and defying expectations. The show, called "Gettin' Old is a Bitch... But I'm Gonna Wrestle That Bitch to the Ground!," is sold out for all four showings through Saturday. This marks her sixth time performing at the festival. 

"I keep coming back because I absolutely love it," she said of NBTF. "I love the camaraderie of being with all the other performers from all over the country and I get to reconnect with people I’ve worked with before either onstage or on television. It’s like a homecoming or family reunion.  And the audiences here are the best.  They’re very generous in their appreciation of the performers and the performances. And the volunteers are like family."

We asked her some questions about her career and approach to comedy: