“Toy Story 4” (PG): The latest installment of the durable “Toy Story” franchise adds an interesting new concept into the film franchise — a kindergarten craft project brought to life and caught in an existential crisis. Forky (voice of Tony Hale) is literally a plastic spork with googly eyes, popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners, and thinks he should be in the trash. It’s up to the other toys, particularly Woody (voice of Tom Hanks), to convince him otherwise. This happens during a road trip where they encounter a new enclave of toys including one from their past, which leads Woody to make some tough choices. Bonus features include a short film, character profiles, interviews, and almost half an hour of deleted scenes in sketchy animation form, which would have taken the story in unexpected new directions, including an alternate opening and ending.

“The Toys That Made Us: Seasons 1 & 2” on Blu-ray: This fun Netflix series looks at popular toy lines and their histories, with episodes devoted to such popular items as Barbie, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Hello Kitty, Legos, Transformers and toys from “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.” This new Blu-ray edition has 15 new bonus features, including deleted scenes and featurettes.

“Midsommar” (R): This atmospheric folk horror film, tonally similar to the original “Wicker Man,” follows an American couple on a summer holiday. Their idyll goes awry in a remote Swedish village that is holding a pagan festival. The movie runs almost 2.5 hours, and is compelling and full of dread. An even longer director’s cut was released in theaters but is not included in this release.

“Annabelle Comes Home” (R): The latest film in the eerie “Conjuring” franchise once again focuses on the possessed doll Annabelle as it seeks new ways to wreak havoc. Steve Coulter, an alumnus of the UNC School of the Arts, reprises his role from previous films as Father Gordon.

“Anna and the Apocalypse” (R): This quirky film blends genres to create a Christmas musical set during a zombie apocalypse, with a winning cast, absurd concepts and catchy tunes.

“Red Joan” (R): Judi Dench stars in this drama, based on a novel that was inspired by a true story, about an elderly woman accused of having been a spy working for the Russians for decades and having helped their nuclear weapon development.

“Light of My Life” (R): This sci-fi drama is set a decade after a plague has killed almost all women on Earth, with Casey Affleck as a father trying to protect his daughter by disguising her as a boy. The cast also includes Elisabeth Moss and Tom Bower.

Warner Archives: New releases from the manufacture-on-demand video label, not sold in stores but available from Amazon and wbshop.com, include Blu-rays of “From Beyond the Grave,” a 1974 British horror anthology with Peter Cushing as the proprietor of an antiques shop whose items cause unexpected problems for the customers, and “Shazam! The Complete Live Action Series,” a fun 1970s Saturday morning series about a boy who can transform into a muscular superhero to save people in need. On DVD, there’s “Black Lightning: The Complete Second Season,” CW’s show about a black superhero who has come out of retirement to renew his war on crime.

“Miss Christmas” (Unrated): Marc Blucas, an alumnus of Wake Forest University, stars in this Hallmark Christmas TV-movie.

“The Ice King” (Unrated): This sports documentary looks at the career of John Curry, the first openly gay Olympian who came out of the closet in 1976.

“Princess Emmy: The Princess Who Talks With Horses” (Unrated): This cute animated children’s film tells the story of, you guessed it, a princess who talks with horses.

“Life With Lucy: The Complete Series”: This short-lived 1986 sitcom reunited Lucille Ball with her comedic nemesis, Gale Gordon, for their usual antics: her getting into slapstick situations and him getting increasingly angry. It’s a rarely-seen glimpse of the talented comedienne, but not a very good showcase for her skills, coasting too much on her previous fame, and got canceled early; five of the episodes in the set never aired.

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