GREENSBORO — After 55 years, the last Your House Restaurant closed Sunday.

Anne Callicott, who operated the restaurant at 2306 Battleground Ave. with her husband, Joseph Callicott, said the decision to close was months in the making and did not come easy.

“I’m sorry to see it go, but the time had come,” Anne Callicott said.

She said they decided to close the restaurant upon the retirement of John Roberts, the restaurant’s manager of 25 years.

Joseph Callicott and James Moore built the restaurant in 1965 when the owner of Journey’s End motel approached Callicott about opening an eatery to serve motel guests.

“Battleground was a two-lane road when that restaurant was built,” Anne Callicott said.

A few years later the Callicotts bought the motel. Anne Callicott managed it for 25 years. They tore down the old motel in 2001 and built Battleground Station shopping center on the property. But they kept the free-standing restaurant.

In its heyday, the restaurant was part of a 12-unit chain founded by the Callicotts in Burlington in 1962. The Callicotts operated two others in Greensboro along with restaurants in Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Greenville and even as far away as Savannah, Ga.

Entrepreneur Joseph Callicott, who Anne said is still quite active, was always involved in something. In the late 1980s he and a group of other investors developed a 325-acre office park off Stanley Road at West Wendover Avenue, just south of Interstate 40.

Over the years, plenty of people have slid into the booths or perched upon stools at the counter at Your House for plates of steak and eggs, hamburgers, fries, waffles and endless cups of coffee. All-day breakfast was a staple.

“We’ve had people who came there as infants and as children who came back and brought their own kids,” Anne Callicott said.

She said plans for the building are uncertain but said it will not reopen as a restaurant.

“We’ve had 55 years of wonderful business and wonderful customers,” she said.

“It’s a sad occasion. Your House had become sort of an institution.”

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