On busy weeks, a dish like this one comes in handy: It’s got just a few ingredients, many of them pantry staples. It’s hearty enough for dinner, light enough for lunch, flexible enough for eaters of various dietary persuasions. (Just turn it into a side for carnivores or add an egg for the non-vegan vegetarians.)

It’s chickpeas, of course, perhaps my favorite culinary workhorse. This treatment comes from a lovely new book by Rakhee Yadav, who spices canned chickpeas with turmeric, cumin and ginger and saves some of the red onion to go on top as a crunchy garnish, along with cilantro or parsley. The twist that takes these up a notch: cherry tomatoes, roasted just long enough for them to collapse. They add a pop of tartness to balance the base of warming spices.

Add your carb of choice — such as rice or flatbread — especially if this is a meal, and mark another item off your to-do list. Better yet, double or triple it, and take even more pressure off your week.

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Recipe adapted from “Heavenly Vegan Dals & Curries” by Rakhee Yadav (Page Street Publishing)

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