Vivian Howard

Vivian Howard’s Handy & Hot kitchen kits include two condiments and several recipes from her forthcoming book “This Will Make It Taste Good.”

Chef Vivian Howard of Kinston is selling a Handy & Hot kitchen kit that features recipes and condiments from her new cookbook, “This Will Make It Taste Good,” which will be out in October.

The book highlights 10 condiment recipes and the many ways they can be used in creating other dishes.

“The book would have been a perfect way to cook through this (coronavirus) crisis and since it’s not out yet, I felt compelled to put a bit of its message out there right now,” Howard said.

Howard owns several restaurants, notably Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, but the restaurants are closed because of the pandemic. Howard previously was the host of “A Chef’s Life” and now is the host of a new series, “Somewhere South,” on PBS.

The kitchen kit is being sold though Howard’s Handy & Hot online bakeshop.

The kitchen kit, which costs $35, includes:

  • A 16-ounce jar of Little Green Dress, which Howard describes as a cross between chimichurri, salsa verde and olives.
  • A 16-ounce jar of Community Organizer, a versatile sofrito-like condiment that can be used to flavor beans and other dishes.
  • Two “kitchen crutch” recipes for quick, easy meals.
  • Two “kitchen project” recipes that require more time.

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