Buzzy (copy)

The ice-cream waffle tacos at Uncle Buzzy’s Fried Food come with a variety of options.

Uncle Buzzy’s Fried Food on West First Street has closed.

The restaurant opened in July 2018. It served burgers, hot dogs, roast beef sandwiches, poutine, and a variety of “carnival treats,” among other items.

Dave Hillman, the owner of Uncle Buzzy’s, confirmed that the restaurant has closed permanently. He also owns the two Burke Street Pizza locations and the Quiet Pint Tavern, all of which will remain open.

On Sunday, a customer reported on social media that they had placed an order online and got a return call saying that the restaurant had closed. Another reported seeing a truck removing equipment.

On Sunday evening, the front door was locked and it appeared kitchen equipment had been removed. The restaurant’s Facebook page had been taken down.

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