Cloverdale Kitchen

reduces hours

Cloverdale Kitchen, 2251 Cloverdale Ave., has changed its hours, eliminating dinner service.

The restaurant announced the change at the end of May. Cloverdale Kitchen is now open for breakfast and lunch from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Owners Johnny and Dino Cortesis wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page: “In our 31 years at Cloverdale Kitchen, we have seen a lot of part-time night waitresses come and go. If you have worked here in the past, thank you for your service. You are the reason we are still here today. A really big thank you to Punkin Tucker, Susan Sebastian, Tina McGrew, Chelsie Thompson, and Edwin Molina for all of the years you have provided excellent service to our customers.

“And to our customers, we continue to hear the same expression, ‘Where will we eat now?’ I will tell you, visit Angelo at Grecian Corner or Arthur at Cafe Arthur’s. Two really great guys and even better restaurants. Thank you to all of our regular customers, you know who you are and you truly have become part of our Cloverdale family!

We will see you in the a.m. for breakfast and lunch.”

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Michael Hastings

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