When I’m busy, recipes like this, which provide crowd-pleasing flavor in the most stress-free, flexible way, help keep me sane.

Adapted from my new book, “Whole in One: Complete, Healthy Meals in a Single Pot, Sheet Pan, or Skillet,” this dish was designed as a fun, nutritionally balanced sheet-pan dinner for four, with plump shrimp and cannellini beans in a savory, garlic-laced tomato sauce piled onto toasted bread and showered with fresh basil.

Served on smaller slices of bread, it doubles as a delightful cocktail nibble for a larger group of guests. It can even accommodate drop-ins, because it can be made up to two days ahead and served at room temperature (which also solves the problem of divergent dinner schedules), or pulled together quickly with pantry and freezer staples. (I always have a bag of shrimp and some good crusty bread in my freezer. Shrimp thaws fast in a colander under cold running water. And if you don’t happen to have fresh basil, you could substitute parsley, arugula or even dried basil.)

Satisfying, healthful, flexible and with just one pan to clean, it’s definitely a score year-round, but especially so during the hectic holiday season.




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