Tate’s Craft Cocktails, 279 W. Fourth St., has begun offering a limited bar food menu five nights a week.

The menu features eight snacks or small plates. It is mostly cold items, including “quickles” (quick pickles), salt and vinegar bar nuts, house marinated olives, a cheese plate and an open-faced tomato sandwich.

But Tate’s also has a countertop oven in which it is warming or cooking braised beef empanadas, soft pretzels and hot crab dip.

Menu items will change seasonally.

Most items are $5 to $9, with crab dip topping out the menu at $13.

Because Tate’s doesn’t have a regular kitchen, the empanadas and pretzels are bought pre-made, but everything else is made in-house.

The menu was designed by Harrison Littell, the former chef of The Honey Pot, which was located next door and also was owned by the Tate family.

The on-site chef is Aaron Murrell, who also worked at The Honey Pot.

The tomato sandwich features heirloom tomatoes from Littell’s garden, along with burrata, basil aioli and toasted brioche.

The hot crab dip features three cheeses and roasted garlic. “People really like the crab dip. When we fire it up, the smell spreads through the whole place,” Murrell said.

Tate’s food menu is currently being offered from 5 to 10 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

For more information, call (336) 422-7498 or find Tate’s on Facebook.

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