Silo Bistro & Bar, at 114 Reynolda Village off Reynolda Road, has closed for good. Co-owner Will Kingery said that several factors went into the decision to close Silo, one of several restaurants he co-owns with Norb Cooper, but that the COVID-19 pandemic was the dominant factor.

“Our lease was actually up at the end of March,” Kingery said. “When COVID came and (Wake Forest University) sent all the students home, that was a huge hit.”

Kingery said that being in Reynolda Village adjacent to the WFU campus was a two-edged sword that brought Silo lots of business when school was in session but very little when school was out. “The students and faculty were like 80% of our business,” he said.

Kingery praised WFU, Silo’s landlord, and his staff, most recently led by Niki Farrington. “Niki was a great chef, and we had a great team there. And Wake Forest was a gracious landlord,” he said.

But at the end of the day, Silo was the least profitable of his restaurants, which include Willow’s Bistro and two King’s Crab Shack locations, all of which reopened last weekend.

“And March to May was the best time of the year there — with Mother’s Day and Wake Forest graduation. We just lost all that,” Kingery said. “It just made sense to focus on my other restaurants. It was time to move on.”

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