A recent report from LENDedu found that both Walmart and Target are cheaper than Amazon on food and beverage items.

The report covered 50 items in five categories: home goods, kitichen/appliances, technology and entertainment, food and beverage, and miscellaneous goods.

For food and beverages, Walmart was 4.61% cheaper than Amazon and Target was 7.30% cheaper than Amazon. Items rated in this category included Pepsi, Hellmann’s ,ayonnaise, Heinz ketchup, Oreo cookies and Purina dry dog food.

In Kitchen/Appliances, Walmart was 9.3% more expensive than Amazon and Target was 1.17% more expensive than Amazon.

Overall, Walmart was 1.79% cheaper than Amazon, and Target was 0.97% more expensive than Amazon.

Walmart won over Amazon in three of the five categories, and Target beat Amazon just in food and beverage.

Walmart was also 4.19% cheaper than Amazon in Technology & Entertainment.

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Michael Hastings

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