Breakfastime Anytime has opened at 1650 Hanes Mall Blvd.

This is the seventh Breakfastime restaurant opened by the Kazakos family. It has all of the same breakfast favorites as its sister restaurants, but it also features a new look and name and expanded menu.

Alex Kazakos bought the former Billy Bob’s Silver Diner more than a year ago and has spent months transforming it. “I took the building down to the studs,” he said. “It’s been a big project.”

The 5,700-square-foot building now has a new entrance and foyer and higher ceilings. “I also built my dream prep kitchen on the back,” he said.

The restaurant has a stone exterior with gray stained cedar siding and 145 seats — a mix of counter seats, booths and tables — plus 25 on the new patio. The décor features many of the same decorations and even light fixtures of other Breakfastime locations, but the blue-gray color scheme is different.

Breakfastime is a locally owned chained started by Kazakos’ father, Andreas. He opened the first Breakfastime on Old Salisbury Road in 2008. Andreas has now handed that location over to Alex’s older brother, Teddy, who also owns the Maxburger next door. “My dad has retired, but he’s still involved. He’ll never completely get out of the business.”

Alex Kazakos, 37, has been steadily honing the brand and opening new restaurants since he got involved a few years ago. “I helped redo the menu and the dining rooms in 2010,” he said, back when he still ran a Captain’s Galley Seafood — another chain started by the Kazakos family.

Alex Kazakos took over his first Breakfastime in 2015. He now is the sole owner of four: two in Concord, one in Salisbury and one in Clemmons. His brother-in-law, Gus Siokis, owns one Breakfastime in Jonesville. And Siokis and Kazakos co-own the new restaurant on Hanes Mall Boulevard.

“We want to make this grow,” Kazakos said.

The new location and slight name change solidifies some of the branding with a new logo, signs and a menu that is being gradually rolled out at the other locations.

The new logo features a rooster and sun instead of just a sun and is printed with the slogan and name “Breakfastime Anytime," reflecting that the full breakfast menu is offered anytime the restaurant is open, from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The new menu is just as large as ever — and, in fact, has a handful of new items. “We pretty much have anything you can possibly think of for breakfast," Kazakos said.

There are plenty of platters featuring eggs every which way, including omelets and Benedicts. Breakfast sandwiches can be made with biscuits, buns, toast, English muffins or croissants.

Other breakfast items include multiple kinds of pancakes, waffles and French toast.

There also are eight kinds of burgers and about a dozen other sandwiches, including chicken salad, BLT and triple-decker club. And there are a dozen subs in addition to that.

Other non-breakfast items include salads, cold platters and such lunch entrees as rib-eye steak, grilled BBQ chicken and country fried steak.

New items include the avocado Benedict ($7.99), with a toasted English muffin, two avocado halves, poached eggs, Hollandaise and pico de gallo, served with hash browns or home fries.

Instead of the omnipresent avocado toast, Breakfastime has guacamole toast ($6.99) served with two eggs and home fries. “I just liked using guacamole because it has more flavor than plain avocado,” Kazakos said.

Avocado is a popular ingredient at Breakfastime Anytime. “Everybody loves avocado. I spread it around the whole menu,” Kazakos said.

The new California omelet ($8.49) features avocado, tomatoes, onion, spinach, Jack and cheddar cheeses, and homemade black-bean and corn salsa. “I make everything from scratch,” Kazakos said. “That’s something I take pride in.”

A new Southwestern salad ($6.99) features mixed greens, Jack and cheddar cheeses, pico de gallo, black bean and corn salsa and guacamole. You can get it with avocado Ranch dressing.

The new menu also features chorizo in a few places, such as the Mexican chorizo omelet ($8.49) and Cubano Torta Sub ($5.95).

The burger section of the menu also has been revamped. 

"Now all our burgers are doubles (two 4-ounce patties)," Kazakos said. "And they're smash burgers — we take balls of ground beef and smash them on the grill. It makes them way juicier."

Burgers run $5.65 to $7.95. The popular guacamole is featured on one burger. Also new is a mushroom onion burger with provolone.

One unusual item is Kazakos' sweet and savory take on the classic Monte Cristo sandwich.

“I just came up with this. I thought it would be good with waffles instead of bread.” The waffle Monte Cristo ($6.99 to $8.99) features ham, turkey, and provolone and American cheeses sandwiched between two waffle pieces, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with maple syrup.

Siokos and Kazakos said that as they expand Breakfastime Anytime, they are trying to keep its mission the same. “The big picture is we want to keep the high quality and the good value,” Siokis said.

“And we definitely want to expand,” Kazakos said.

He added that he has bought property in Kernersville, where he plans to open the next Breakfastime. He also is looking for a space in downtown Winston-Salem.

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